Lend-It-All Man makes the usual mistakes

30 06 2010
The lend-it-all man
I lent a mobile phone to a new colleague.
I made the most elementary lending mistake; not agreeing the value of the item before I lent it.
He’s now lost it. How much do I ask him to pay?
My questios then were: Do I need the money? As we both work for a charity for Indian Dalits I asked him to give £30 to Karuna.org as compensation.
Now the Dalit’s are better off (though £30 doesn’t go so far amongst 60million or more) and I’ve begun the painful task of de-cluttering. (see my overwhelming amount of stuff -no room for a bed in my bedroom – on the videos page).
The lend-it-all manNote to self; the main three things to consider when lending: value, return arrangements, and security/deposit (if necessary).
A great site to lend on is http://www.freelender.org; another is letsallshare.com and a third is ecomodo.com; try them all and let me know which do to save you from making the usual lending mistakes.
It’s the mistakes that give lending a bad name; not the idea of sharing.
Paul Crosland; ‘Lend-It-All Man’